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Owner, Managing Partner

Jess started in the real estate business 10 years ago by converting her first Arizona house into a yearly rental. She then pursued her real estate license. Over the next few years she was buying at least 1 more long-term rental house every year.


This was a good business, but it was always a do over when the tenants were moving out. In 2016, she decided to jump in short-term management and founded BonVoyageAZ . Since then, she has helped buyers, sellers and investors finding their next investment and successfully managed them. 


Sharing your house with other people while they are traveling is very rewarding. We love what we do and hope to have the chance to help you open your own short-term rental!

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Quality Control Coordinator

Jeanette spends her time making sure the homes are in tip-top shape to ensure every guest has an exceptional experience. With a background in the construction industry & facilities, Jeanette always puts the guests’ needs 1st & strives to keep the properties beautiful, clean & equipped with everything you might need for a memorable vacation.



Executive Assistant

Meet Emily, our Executive Assistant. She is responsible to assist with various administrative tasks as well as helping in the field when needed. She is very organized and passionate when it comes to the properties. Emily loves helping all our guests to make sure they have a perfect vacation in our great properties! She strives to help BonVoyage grow and is a proud member of the team! 



Social Media Content Creator

Lou has a Bachelor degree in Marketing and years of experience with social media. She loves shooting amazing content especially organizing photoshoot with models at our Airbnb listings.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @bonvoyageaz to see that she comes up with!

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Official Mascot

Meet Jack, our 13 year old Yorkie. He loves turkey and rice and hates walking. He is always upbeat and proud to be part of the BonvoyageAZ family


Quality Control Coordinator

Sully  is extremely focused on cleanliness and will go the extra mile to assure a perfect stay for all our guests. As a vacation rental owner, you can rest assured that your investment property will look exactly the same as the day we went live. Sully will also coordinate with her handymen to fix any issues such as a leaky faucet, clogged drain etc. Sully's is responsible for properties in Phoenix and Glendale

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Quality Control Coordinator

Lifetime career in hospitality and customer service industry, Kim's background includes: Interior Decor and Design, Feng Shui and Organization.

Kim believes that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and strives to give our guests the wow factor as soon as they walk into the door. Kim is super organized, passionate and always goes the extra miles to make sure the houses in her territory are tip top!

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Accounting and Finance


Eric is tasked with the boring stuff like keeping the books in order and managing contracts. He holds a BS in Management from the University of Montreal with a major in IT so yes he is also responsible for emails stuff and website updates!


Interior Deisgner

Mariah has worked in the design industry for over five years in a variety of different niches. From multifamily construction to fast-paced commercial office tenant improvements—she’s done it all. When working through the design process, the most common request is to create a distinctive and inviting space that elicits the “stay awhile” feeling for our amazing guests.

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