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What is a full service short-term management company?

In short, we do it all! We take care of everything so you don’t


Starting your investment property

Looking to secure the perfect vacation rental property? Our team is here to assist you in finding the ideal property to ensure the success of your rental venture. We specialize in locating properties in prime locations that will attract a high number of guests and generate significant revenue. Our extensive knowledge of guest preferences in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area ensures that your property meets the demands of today's discerning travelers.

We collaborate with premier lenders who specialize in investment properties

If your property needs some tender loving care (TLC), don't worry. We have you covered. Our dedicated team of handymen specializes in the cosmetic improvements required for short-term rentals. Whether it's freshening up the space or addressing specific needs, we'll ensure your property is in top shape.


Already own a home but want to transform it into a vacation rental? No problem! We possess the expertise to guide you through the transition, from remodeling and furnishing to optimizing the layout for guests. The entire process is streamlined, so you'll be ready to welcome your first guests in no time. Sit back and relax while we handle all the details!


Preparing the property

Our team possesses the expertise to prepare your property for guests, allowing homeowners to be completely hands-off. Whether it involves remodeling, we can provide design assistance and have a dedicated, in-house team for the job, handling projects both large and small.


If you require help with furnishing your home, we've got that covered too! We maintain professional relationships with various companies, which enables us to secure discounts on furniture. We can fully furnish your property and ensure that all necessary supplies are readily available for guests. With our experience, we know exactly what's needed to provide a high-quality guest experience without straining your budget.


Just sit back and relax while we take care of everything!


Market your listing

Once your property is ready, we take the next step in ensuring its success. Our professional photographer will capture stunning images to make your listing stand out on various short-term rental platforms. We'll create a personalized listing and publish it on popular platforms and our Instagram page.


BonVoyageAZ holds the esteemed titles of being an Airbnb Superhost and VRBO Premier Partner. These distinctions significantly enhance your chances of securing immediate bookings. With over 2500 5-star reviews, potential guests are reassured, and it's common for us to receive our first booking within just a few hours!



What happens next?

Our comprehensive vacation rental management services ensure a hassle-free experience for homeowners:


  • Monthly Payments: You can relax while we handle everything, waiting for your monthly payment.

  • Supplies Management: We manage all the necessary supplies, addressing the often underestimated needs of rental properties.

  • Professional Cleaning: Our amazong cleaning teams follow CDC guidelines, ensuring a thorough cleaning after guests depart to welcome the next ones.

  • Maintenance: Our handymen tackle minor issues, ensuring your property is in top condition. Leaky faucet, hole in the wall, clogged drain - no problem.

  • Daily Calendar Management: We monitor the booking calendar daily, staying informed about major local events to optimize your property's pricing, surpassing automated systems.

  • Guest Communication: We handle all guest inquiries within the hour and ensure their questions and needs are met for a perfect stay.

  • Quality Inspections: After each check-out and right before a new booking, our quality managers meticulously review the property inside and out, ensuring it's always in pristine condition.

  • Payment Handling: We manage all payments and deposits, providing you with a seamless financial process.

With our attention to detail and dedicated team, your property will consistently shine and generate maximum revenue while we take care of the work behind the scenes

Why choose us?

Because we will take care of your investment property as if it was ours
5 star rating

Our properties  boasts a glowing 5-star rating, where every stay is a stellar experience!

A win-win partnership

We want guests to have the best experience but we also want to make sure that you, the owner, is 100% satisfied with our service.

Bachelorettes experiences

Our houses are the ultimate canvas for a bachelorette party masterpiece!

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