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Amazing Homes

Our properties are expertly furnished both inside and outside so that our guests have an unforgettable vacation

Full service short-term management

We take care of everything so you don't


5 star rating


A win-win partnership


Bachelorettes experiences

Ryan, Owner

We recently enlisted the help of Jess to purchase our next investment property and couldn’t have been happier. Jess really knows how to look for the right property to convert into a short-term rental. The house is basically always rented! We have only received positive reviews from clients and also were able to get our first guest literally the same day that the house went online! We highly recommend BonvoyageAZ and Jess!!

Vicky, Owner

We could not be happier with the level of service we have received from BonVoyageAZ since purchasing our house in Scottsdale.  Benefiting from BonVoyageAZ’s 5 star rating and Super Host status made all of the difference.  We have had consistent bookings, excellent reviews and a professionally maintained home from the start. As investors and homeowners it is reassuring to know that BonVoyageAZ treats our investment as they would their own.

Christy, Owner

The BonVoyage team takes care of all the needs of the house, inside and out, responds to all inquiries of clients, manages the calendars and provides us monthly reports. They also recommend upgrades to the property to respond to more current STR trends. We are glad to partner with BonVoyage AZ since day 1 and be part of the success. Look at the reviews of the property and it reflects how great and professional Jess and team is. There are no other STR property managers who will nurture your property as if it was their own.

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